When the Dust Settles, Who Cleans It?

Our team does when we provide construction cleanup services in Greenville, SC

All of that sawing, drilling and sanding has left dust all over your construction site. There are even stray paint splatters and leftover materials lying around. Fortunately, you don't have to clean it all by yourself to make your building ready for use. You can hire S&M PRO CLEAN to handle post-construction cleaning in Greenville, SC.

Our team can take care of every part of construction cleaning, including:

  • Bringing a dumpster to your property
  • Loading the dumpster
  • Hauling large items away
  • Cleaning the building thoroughly
To get a free estimate on post-construction cleaning services, call 864-908-9507 right away. We'll be happy to visit the site to give your estimate in person.